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2007-04-25 . . . from: Daniel Grippo
Provided to the PV Writers Group by Ginger Tindall

Rationale: Since the 3rd Millennium BC, when the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ was inscribed on clay tablets; aspiring authors have gained inspiration and refined their “craft” by studying and discussing the works of prior and current writers.

Potential Benefits:

A. Enhanced “critical” reading ability.
B. Increased familiarity with the structural elements and terminology frequently used to provide constructive feedback.
C. Exposure to a wide variety of genres and writing styles.
D. Acquisition of “insider” information regarding the process of becoming an established author by discovering “how” a specific writer achieved success.
An Optional Presentation Format:

1. Title, author, publisher, date of publication and specific genre; literary fiction, mystery, thriller, horror, science fiction, western, romance or other?
2. Why did you choose to present this particular book?
3. How was this story told: single vision or multiple-vision? Did the narrator write in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person? Was the language used, formal or informal? Did the narrator’s descriptions reflect the consciousness of the “point of view” character or characters? As a reader did you feel close to the action or more like an observer?
4. Was the story “driven” forward by a character, the plot, or the passage of time?
5. Was the main character well-developed? Were the secondary characters believable? Did the dialogue sound real? (Consider reading several brief excerpts to demonstrate the author’s characterization and dialogue skills.)
6. What was the protagonist’s “expressed” desire? (Consider reading the segment where you learned what the main character “initially” thought he or she wanted.)
7. Was the major conflict internal, or caused by external circumstances?
8. Did the protagonist “change or grow” by the end of the book? (Consider reading an excerpt that describes the “outlook” of the main character at the beginning of the tale and another that demonstrates his or her “state of mind” at the time the story comes to a close.)
9. Did you like or dislike the protagonist? Why?
10. What was the overall “theme”? Some examples of themes are: “growing up”, “finding true love”, “persisting despite adversity”, “betrayal”, “the perils of war”, “coping with loss”, “finding a treasure”, “disillusionment”, “enlightenment”, “seeking identity”, “the rise and fall of a dynasty”, “the impact of national or world events on individual lives”, “challenging nature”, “good versus evil”.
11. What are the author’s strengths? What is the author’s greatest weakness? (Consider supporting your opinion by reading excerpts that support your opinion.)
12. How did the author of the book become published and acquire wide readership? Do you predict the “work” you reviewed will or will not, remain “in print” for many years?




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